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Worth Wheeler – teaching/leadershipwheeler - november

Worth is originally from Arizona and has spent nearly all of the last 12 years ministering in Boise, Idaho. He and his wife Beth (who hails from Central Oregon) have been married for 16 years and have one 6-year old son (Isaiah) and a 2-year old girl (Gwendolyn). Worth also has an English Pointer named Phoenix, and grudgingly lays claim to Beth’s dog Sydney as well (a miniature Schnauzer). Worth loves to read theology and spiritual formation works as well as science fiction, fantasy, classics and Newbery Award winners. He also loves walking through cities and exploring them, trying new restaurants and foods, camping, fishing, hiking and traveling.

While Worth bears the title pastor he also love the title local theologian. It isn’t a common term, but it uniquely captures a primary role he desires to play in the West Seattle Junction community and surrounding areas. Worth seeks to reveal how God is at work around us by listening to the cultural voices of our local context and framing them within God’s greater story (a missionary mindset) as we find that story in history and the scriptures.

Worth holds an M. Div in New Testament Studies from Emmanuel Christian Seminary and a BA in Intercultural Studies & Missions from Hope International University (formerly Pacific Christian College). Worth and Beth (she holds the same degrees) have  worked in traditional church ministry settings for various churches for over a decade, and before moving to West Seattle have spent 5 years working bi-vocationally while planting a missional church in Boise, Idaho.



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